Emotion Pendulum - Greed Or Fear ?

Emotion Pendulum - Greed Or Fear ?

My Trading Quotes

The best trading method is to take advantage of the crowd's greed and fear.

One must be able to read the current level of market's hidden energy to be a master trader.

A low risk high return trade is the trade that aligns with fundamental and is opposite the current market emotion.

-----Jimmy Chow

Saturday, March 22, 2014

12 Laws Of Significance

  1. Practice obedience instead of free will agency.
  2. Exercise perseverance instead of patience.
  3. Proactively stretch instead of change.
  4. Trust predictability instead of hope and faith.
  5. Know the whole truth instead of believing what you think.
  6. Focus on winning instead of team.
  7. Do right instead of seeking to be best.
  8. Experience harmony instead of forcing balance.
  9. Accept others instead of jugging them.
  10. Love and be needed instead of romanced and used.
  11. Establish covenants instead of making commitments.
  12. Forgive instead of apologize.
------Dan Clark , The Art  of Significance.

Note : Are you practice these laws to be a Significance Trader ?